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Michael Jackson News Roundup: Blanket Bequeathed to Diana Ross, and More

TMZ continues to so thoroughly own the Michael Jackson story today that we’re beginning to suspect they might have Tito bugged. Here’s what you need to know:

• Jackson’s will was filed today in Los Angeles and TMZ has the five-page PDF. He left everything to his family trust (including the Beatles catalogue, presumably), which means it’s all going to his children and mother. Also, Katherine Jackson is given sole custody of Jackson’s three children — but if she doesn’t want them, they’ll go to Diana Ross, which hardly seems like a good idea.

• According to the AP, Jackson’s nurse says he’d been begging for Propofol, a powerful anesthetic drug used to sedate patients before surgery. Additionally, TMZ says the drug was found in his home, along with Lidocaine — another drug used to ease the pain of Propofol injections — which investigators discovered near Jackson’s body.

• Grace Rwaramba, Jackson’s former nanny, has responded to reports claiming she routinely pumped his stomach: “I don’t even know how to pump a stomach!!”

• A white carriage hearse was seen on the 405 freeway yesterday, making its way north toward Neverland Ranch (where a bunch of port-a-potties were delivered late last night), fueling earlier speculation that Jackson’s body will be taken there tomorrow.

• The latest episode of ESPN’s “B.S. Report with Bill Simmons” podcast includes a discussion with Chuck Klosterman on the reaction to Jackson’s death.

• According to AFP (via Arts Beat), residents of a village in the Ukraine are hoping to rename it “Jackson,” after the King of Pop, which we’ll admit is way better than Oktyabrskoye, as it’s currently named.

Michael Jackson News Roundup: Blanket Bequeathed to Diana Ross, and More