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Michael Jackson Memorial in Photos

Michael Jackson was mourned in ridiculous, over-the-top style this afternoon at a public funeral service more befitting of his legacy than his bigger fans would probably like to admit. Enjoy our slideshow of images from inside the Staples Center and of MJ remembrances from around the world.

Messages outside the Jackson family compound in Encino.
Outside the Lyric Theatre in London, the venue of the ‘Thriller Live’ musical.
Television’s “The Incredible Hulk” made a much-appreciated appearance.
Horse cops patrol the Staples Center.
Instant memorabilia.
Fans signing an MJ poster.
An MJ impersonator.
Requisite memorial elephants.
Tearing up.
A distraught goth fan.
Dancing in the streets of NYC.
Lionel Richie and Mike Tyson.
Richie with daughter Nicole and Joel Madden.
Don King, who made sure to bring a mini Israeli flag.
Kenny Ortega, the director of the “This Is It” shows, and a friend.
Chris Brown, looking particularly louche.
Wesley Snipes shows off his program.
Smokey Robinson.
John Mayer jamming on “Human Nature.”
Queen Latifah.
A united Kardashian front.
A glad-handing Jesse Jackson.
Janet Jackson.
Larry King, looking more confused than usual.
Al Sharpton, seemingly doing his best to politely avoid Louis Farrakhan.
Stevie Wonder.
Jermaine Jackson, choking back tears.
Mickey Rooney
Corey Feldman, doing his best to look like a wax MJ statue.
A weepy Usher is consoled by LaToya Jackson.
Mariah Carey.
Jennifer Hudson and friends.
Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson.
Brooke Shields, not pointing out leaky pipes.
Joe Jackson trailing Michael’s son, Prince Michael.
Michael’s mother Katherine with his daughter Paris.
“We Are the World.”
Paris speaks, with the Jackson family looking on.
The Jackson family carries out the casket.
Michael Jackson Memorial in Photos