NBC Trots Out Susan Boyle for No Apparent Reason

Other than a ratings boost for America’s Got Talent, that is. For the last few days, the Peacock Network has been heavily promoting their “exclusive” sit-down with Susan Boyle, the frumpy spinster who rose to international fame when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent this spring. Not only did she get some face time with Meredith Viera on the Today Show this morning, but NBC is dedicating an hour in their faltering primetime lineup tonight to the person that the Fleet Street tabs dubbed the “Hairy Angel.” Which would be all well and good, we suppose, but all indications from this interview point to the fact that she doesn’t really have anything new to say.

Let’s face it, anyone with access to the internet or who has set a season pass for Oprah knows her entire life story by now, so we’re not really sure that we understand the point in rehashing a bunch of things about her that we already knew about her (she has cats, she had a bit of a mental breakdown, blah blah blah). Even when Viera tries to press her on details of the album that she’s currently recording for Simon Cowell’s label, SuBo stonewalls her. Why all the mystery? It’s not like she’s recording a secret duet with Lil Wayne or is planning on covering “Birthday Sex”, or something that would actually be, you know, interesting. Because if she were, this would certainly be the time to start plugging it. Instead, NBC seems perfectly content to trot out someone whose popularity peaked almost two months ago now in the hopes that her name recognition will help boost their virtually buzzless Idol knockoff.

So what do you think, VultureWatchers? Are you over Susan Boyle? Are you hanging on her every (boring) word? Let us know in the comments!

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NBC Trots Out Susan Boyle for No Apparent Reason