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Busty Clairvoyant Has the Hots for Edward Cullen

“Who’s not Team Edward? There is not a girl in the world who’s not Team Edward. Have you met girls who are not Team Edward? Well, they are not girls! They’re aliens from another planet who should not be allowed to exist.” —Jennifer Love Hewitt is a big, big fan of Twilight’s Edward Cullen [MTV]

“You always get weirdos like Edward who seem to attract women for some reason. If Edward wasn’t a fictional character and you met him in reality, he is like one of those guys who would probably be an axe murderer or something.” —Robert Pattinson on why girls like Jennifer Love Hewitt probably shouldn’t be such fans of Edward Cullen [Ok via E]

“I think we should level the playing field. I don’t mind people stealing my music, that’s fine. But I think they should steal everything.” —Kid Rock thinks digital piracy should just go all the way [BBC]

“Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, we’re all basically reptiles. It’s a sort of cowboy cartoon, only we’re all creatures instead of humans. I am a rattlesnake and I have a machine gun in my tail and my job is once more to put the wind up Johnny, which of course is hard to do.” —Bill Nighy on Rango [Female First]

“The final straw was when I was chased into the toilets by girls threatening to punch me. I was so scared I called Mum — we decided I’d stay at home after that. But it made me more focused on writing my music and spurred me on to want success.” —Demi Lovato on the upsides of the downsides of early fame [Sugar via People]

“I don’t really like to sit around the house listening to my own records. They’re not that good.” —The New York Dolls’ David Johansen [Spinner]

Busty Clairvoyant Has the Hots for Edward Cullen