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Josh Duhamel Busy Prepping for a Flashdance Reboot

“I’ve played on the [stripper] pole more than she has. If you know my wife [Fergie], she’s a perfectionist and won’t get on it until she’s good, so she wants to take a class first. So the pole is really just decorative at this point.”—Josh Duhamel on his living room hobby [Women’s Health via IMDB]

“I only have four things in common with Brüno: I’m a man, an Austrian, I’m on television, and I’m gay-that’s it. But if the world wants me to be the inspiration for Brüno, well then, I’ll be Brüno. It’s all pretty funny. Nine years ago, Sacha Baron Cohen studied in Austria for a year. Since I’ve done over 800 television shows in the past 15 years, I can’t rule out the possibility that he may have seen one of my shows.”—Austrian TV personality Alfons Haider [People]

“It is a comedy. I think it is as funny as The Forty Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. It is more emotional than my other two films, but if you hate emotions you will still like it. And most people do hate emotions.”—Judd Apatow on Funny People [MTV Movies]

“No one’s asked us, and if they did we wouldn’t say yes.”—ABBA’s Benny Andersson on whether ABBA will be reuniting [Guardian UK]

Weeds was my solace and respite in the back of the bus on tour. I was in the middle of detoxing at the time, and it was my replacement addiction for food. Weeds helps me. The irony is hilarious.”—Alanis Morissette on the druggy drama, on which she’ll play a doctor, being her detox friend [USAT]

“I thought, ‘Why am I meeting with strippers?’ (In Las Vegas, no less.) I wasn’t sure why, since Billie Frechette was not a stripper. But Michael told me he wanted me to meet them because they know who has the money. Women in that profession know it’s not always the obvious guy with the good suit buying bottles and bottles of champagne.”—Marion Cotillard on doing research for Public Enemies [Pop Matters]

Josh Duhamel Busy Prepping for a Flashdance Reboot