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Sam Raimi Enters the World of Warcraft

Get Your War On: Sam Raimi will direct Warcraft, a live adaptation of video game World of Warcraft, after he’s done with Spider-Man 4. The game, which revolves around an epic conflict between warring factions the Horde and the Alliance, has been around since 1994 and is still extremely, extremely popular. We can only assume that the choice of Raimi, whose cult-geek status is pretty much untouchable, is making a whole lot of nerds very happy this morning. One guy who may not be so happy: Uwe Boll. [Variety]

Votes Tallied: Sam Worthington will star in The Candidate, a remake of a Danish thriller from last year. He’ll play a defense attorney who attempts to hunt down a group of blackmailers and is suddenly accused of murder; after a series of twists, the events are tied back into the mysterious death of the lawyer’s father. More reason not to watch contemporary international cinema: It’ll ruin the surprise endings of awesome-sounding Hollywood movies. [THR]

New Producer in Town: James Mangold will direct Three Little Words, an adaptation of Ashley Rhodes-Courter’s 2008 memoir of her traumatic childhood in foster care. It’ll be one of the first projects for Lime Orchard Prods., the production company founded and currently funded by actress Jamie Gertz. Gertz had a small part in 1996 tornado-based blockbuster Twister, so you know we’re in good hands. [Variety]

Welcome Back: Alicia Silverstone will appear in Time Stands Still, the Donald Margulies play opening on Broadway in January. Laura Linney stars as a war-zone photojournalist struggling to adjust to normal life in New York with her foreign-correspondent partner. Silverstone, who originated her role at the L.A. world-premiere of the play, portrays the superficial-seeming girlfriend of Linney’s magazine-writer friend. This is sounding even better than Miss Match. [Variety]

Rock Music: John Fogerty’s new album, The Blue Ridge Rangers Ride Again, will feature covers of classic songs, including tracks by John Prine, Buck Owens, and John Denver, and will be out September 1. It’ll also feature Don Henley, harmonizing on Rick Nelson’s “Garden Party,” and Bruce Springsteen, dueting on the Everly Brother’s “When Will I Be Loved.” Don’t ever say Vulture doesn’t know what the kids are into these days! [Billboard]

Sam Raimi Enters the World of Warcraft