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Plotless Video Game Sparks Predictable Four-Studio Bidding War

Gaming: The Atari video game Asteroids has been purchased by Universal following a four-studio bidding war. As you’ll recall if you enjoy fun, the game consists of a triangle shooting at asteroids moving vertically down the screen — and that’s it. So, guys, if you need a hand with that screenplay or anything … [HR]

Calendar Switch-Up: Sony has shifted its 2010 lineup, bumping Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups — the reunion comedy co-starring Chris Rock and Kevin James — from March back to June 25 in a move emulating the release tactics of this year’s The Hangover. That means Seth Rogen’s The Green Hornet, which was slated to go on the 25th, is moving back to July 9th. Adjust your 2010 day planners accordingly! [Variety]

Terrorism Stoppers: The Wanted, a two part NBC docu-series in which a team of professionals hunt down renowned terrorists, will air July 20 and 27. The team consists of counterterrorism expert Roger Carstens, ex-Navy Seal Scott Tyler, ex-U.S. intelligence official David Crane, and journalist Adam Ciralsky, and they’ll be tracking down Mullah Krekar of Ansar of Islam in the first segment and Mamoun Darkazanli, Bin Laden’s financier, in the second. Sounds kind of awesome, but we may just wait for Ben Silverman’s fictionalized remake. [Variety]

Piping Up: Piper Perabo will star in USA’s Covert Affairs as Annie Walker, a highly promising CIA trainee who speaks six languages and joins the agency after a bad breakup, only to find that her ex-boyfriend is drawing the attention of her new bosses. Now USA is looking to cast Perabo’s sidekick, Augie Anderson, a blind tech expert. Could this be even better than Burn Notice?! [HR]

TV’s Don: Producers Page Hurwitz and Javier Winnik are bringing The Fast and the Funniest — a combination of Last Comic Standing and The Amazing Race, in which comedians have to move around the country completing tasks and performing — to ABC. This kind of reminds us of VH1’s Bands on the Run, which only ran for one season but, trust us, was the greatest thing ever. [Variety]

Murda Mase: Crediting his newfound inspiration to the death of Michael Jackson, Mase is returning after a five-year hiatus. This comeback follows his original comeback in 2004, when he was returning from quitting hip-hop for the Lord. There are no official plans for an album or anything, but he’s “got things up my sleeve.” In the meantime he’s released a remix to Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.” His reasoning for the song choice? “I asked my nephew who is the hottest thing out there and he said “Drake!’ “ We’re going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Mase’s charming disconnect to contemporary pop-music culture doesn’t exactly bode well for this endeavor. [Billboard]

Plotless Video Game Sparks Predictable Four-Studio Bidding War