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That Wasn’t Tracy Morgan You Saw Last Night

“Tracy Morgan isn’t as unstable as Tracy Jordan. This is weird for me to talk in third person. But Tracy Morgan doesn’t run down the street in his underwear holding a light saber.” —Tracy Morgan [USAT]

“I can’t wait to get pregnant.” —Kristen Stewart on being excited to play pregnant Bella[Uberblog/E]

“I can’t wait to perform the Cesarean!” —Robert Pattinson on being excited to perform a C-section on pregnant Bella [Uberblog/E]

“I had months to prepare and I still forgot my lines. But then again, I had a lot to say. In my defense, I never fucking shut up in this movie. ‘Blah, blah, blah’ and then ‘blah, blah, blah.’” —Gerard Butler on The Ugly Truth [Female First]

“I like to tease Josh Schwartz a lot and tell them that if they don’t put me on soon, I will go to Extras casting with a wig and just get cast as a waitress or something and just shoot one right down the barrel.” —Kristen Bell is pretty desperate to be in front of the camera on Gossip Girl [Ausiello Files/EW]

“It actually helps when you’re friends, because after a few hours, you’re laughing about it. You’re having these mundane conversations and the only difference is you’re not wearing pants. She just had on the little postage stamp things and I wore a flesh-coloured pouch. It was really, really awful!” —Ryan Reynolds on shooting sex scenes with Sandra Bullock [Sydney Morning Herald]

That Wasn’t Tracy Morgan You Saw Last Night