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?uestlove Confused by His First-Ever Jarvis Cocker Encounter

Appearing on last night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon was former Pulp leader (and recent Vulture interviewee) Jarvis Cocker, who turned in a characteristically excellent performance of “Further Complications,” the title track from his uncharacteristically hard-rocking new album. Somehow not impressed, however, was Fallon’s bandleader, ?uestlove, who tweeted the following during yesterday’s taping:

“hmmm. fighting the urge to get jarvis cocker for that MJ incident some years back. dude looks THROWED.”

He wasn’t throwed, ?uestlove! Haven’t you ever seen a gangly, bespectacled British person flailing his arms to pretend heavy metal before? Click to watch.

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?uestlove Confused by His First-Ever Jarvis Cocker Encounter