Unboxing the Mad Men Season-Three Press Kit!

This probably goes without saying, but we are bubbling over with anticipatory delight for the season-three premiere of Mad Men on August 16. So imagine our surprise when we sauntered into the office this morning to discover that the magical elves who populate our mail room had left a press kit for the show on our desks. What fantastical wonders lie inside this glorious FedEx envelope? We don’t know! Instead of us hogging the glory all for ourselves, we figured we’d share the experience with you, the loyal Vulture reader. You’re more than welcome (and, in fact, strongly encouraged) to join us as we unbox this puppy. Ready … set … go!

Ooh, what do we have here? There’s an interoffice envelope that reads “Comps for Presentation, (Signed) Don Draper”! There’s some sort of plastic case with what looks to be a miniature Zippo lighter on the inside and there’s also a book of some sort. Let’s take these one at a time.

Just popped open the interoffice envelope. There’s a DVD containing the first episode in there, but we’ve been strongly warned that Sterling Cooper thugs will come directly to our office and rough us up if we spoil any of the details for you. Sorry! (But you can be assured we’ll be taking an hour off this afternoon to watch it.)

Ooh, not a Zippo lighter at all but actually the classiest USB drive Vulture has ever laid eyes on.

Just cracked open the photo book. It’s full of big, beautiful, glossy stills from the third season of the show. Above is (obviously) Betty Draper, with the quote “Sometimes I feel like I’ll float away if Don isn’t holding me down.” Interesting subtext there with the whole “holding me down” phrasing.

And that’s that! We’ll spend some more time pawing our way through this today and pass along any pertinent details.

Mad Men [AMC]

Unboxing the Mad Men Season-Three Press Kit!