Weeds: Welcome to the World of Tomorrow


A Modest Proposal
Season 5 Episode 6

We jump forward six months: Nancy has a big, pregnant belly and Uncle Andy is spending his days playing Ms. Pac Man — “It feels right, she gets me, we’re in synch, no words, just a gentle touch of my hand” — and working on a scraggly beard. The mayor asks Nancy to be Mrs. Esteban Reyes — they’re shacked up and in love again. Shane is even BFF with Ignacio. Celia’s wearing polyester and working in a sneaker store, while Doug, orange with spray tan, dresses up as George Hamilton, with a polka-dotted handkerchief firmly tucked into his breast pocket.

Once again, everyone’s spiraled into lunacy and we’re a little uneasy about it. We were looking forward to Nancy as housebound wife and mother, spending her days wearing expensive lingerie and baking in a giant kitchen while living off the proceeds of her husband’s mafia life. But we hoped too soon. After a visit from a mysterious, beautiful, and livid woman, Esteban withdraws his matrimonial offer and Nancy ends the episode rejected and likely back to her single life — only this time with a screaming baby and apparently no Uncle Andy. “When Esteban dies, and you’re once, twice, three times a widow, don’t expect Uncle Andy to stop by and make pizza eggs,” he tells Nancy in that giant kitchen. “You know what I’ll do? Send a note.” He’s referring to the handwritten good-bye letter she left on her pillow last episode. Andy’s mad, but we’re pretty sure — given that this show would be a shadow of itself without him — that he’ll forgive her when she comes crying for pizza eggs.

Doug cites a biography of George Hamilton, saying that his motto was something along the lines of “always do the dumbest thing possible” — for the sake of adventure. That seems to be Jenji Kohan’s theme this season. Just when we think our domestic drama’s getting cozy again, she opens a can of spray tan and changes everything.

Weeds: Welcome to the World of Tomorrow