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Week in Review: Kugelsacked

This week, Brüno told us jokes, got us drunk, and helped us love America again. Michael Jackson was mourned by us and others (but not Justin Timberlake or Nancy Pelosi). Also, he saved the music business, danced in a car, and was possibly the victim of foul play. What else happened?

• Kal Penn finally made it to work.

• Nabokov’s final novella found a home.

• A nytwyrk chynged its nyme.

Certain disaster was averted.

• There was no fooling Paul McCartney.

• James Hibberd was tragically eaten by a shark.

• Liz Lemon got paid.

• Jay-Z decided to finally learn how to use a pen.

• Quentin Tarantino vigorously promoted a movie that will never exist.

• 3-D flopped.

• Jeff Tweedy was loved two times by Times.

• Advertisers loved a show about advertising.

Week in Review: Kugelsacked