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Week in Review: Sweet Like Possum Meat!

Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk on Friday afternoon wondering where the heck the week went? Well, whenever that happens to your friendly Vulture editors, we take a stroll down Blog Lane and compile our Week in Review. So what DID happen this week, anyway? Well …

The Cavemen are back! We don’t even really care that it’s in a Three Doors Down video, either.

• The geeks invaded San Diego for Comic-Con, where Avatar made nerds (but not Quentin Tarantino) cream their jeans, Gary Oldman told everyone that Dark Knight 2 was on the way, and Thom Yorke confessed to loving vampires (sort of).

• Everyone wanted to know the twist ending of Orphan, but will anybody actually go see it?

• We got a quick sneak peak at Mad Men season three and learned that Don Draper can sit still for two hours at a time.

• There’s a whole new crop of British dudes to swoon after.

• Big week on late-night for 30 Rock stars: Alec Baldwin played with your look and Tracy Morgan considered pawning his Emmys.

• Beck will be contributing some songs for Scott Pilgrim.

• Paula Abdul is threatening to leave American Idol if she doesn’t get $20 million per year to space out on television two nights a week. Don’t worry, Simon, there’s always Susan Boyle!

Katie Holmes got happy, the unfortunate by-product of which was making SYTYCD audiences get sad.

• The poor, idea-challenged Katherine Heigl was forced to work seventeen hours one day, which is ironic, considering her best friend T.R. Knight left the show because he wasn’t working enough.

• The “morons” who write Entourage took the piss out of Seth Rogen and he was none too happy about it.

• Not only is Conan O’Brien hurting in the late-night ratings, but now Jimmy Fallon is too.

• Chris “Monster” Brown barely apologized for what went down with Rihanna, but somehow his comeback got jump-started by a viral video.

• Judd Apatow showed Adam Sandler his penis, while Cameron Diaz likely never wants to see Lou Lumenick’s.

Week in Review: Sweet Like Possum Meat!