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Will Smith to Destroy Manhattan Again

What?: Will Smith is producing and may star in City That Sailed, which would re-team him with his I Am Legend director, Francis Lawrence. The movie, originally scripted by Truman Show writer James Lassiter but currently undergoing rewrites, is about a father and a daughter living on opposite sides of the Atlantic whose love is so strong it causes Manhattan to break off and sail across the ocean. Hey, Will, maybe next time you can just play a barista with relationship issues or something? [THR]

Money Money Money: Michael Moore’s upcoming documentary on the financial crisis, hitting theaters October 2, will be titled Capitalism: A Love Story. The director announced the title yesterday, explaining “It will be the perfect date movie. It’s got it all — lust, passion, romance, and 14,000 jobs being eliminated every day. It’s a forbidden love, one that dare not speak its name. Heck, let’s just say it: It’s capitalism.” Good to know Moore’s legendary wit is still intact. [Variety]

Obvious Hit: Raja Gosnell (Home Alone 3, Beverly Hills Chihuahua) will direct the 3-D Smurfs movie, hitting theaters next winter. There are no plot details available yet, but sources indicate that little white pants will be prominently involved. [Variety]

Raccoon-Off: Brooke Shields, Dick Van Dyke, Ken Jeong, and Samantha Bee have all joined the cast of Furry Vengeance. The movie stars Brendan Fraser as a real-estate developer who engages in battle with a bunch of raccoons upon encroaching on their territory; the aforementioned names will presumably be the wacky cast of characters around Mr. Fraser. Also, for the record, there are now two raccoon-fighting movies in production, including Tobey Maguire’s The Details. More or less random than two simultaneous mall-cop movies? [THR]

Clinton Switch: Hope Davis will replace Julianne Moore as Hillary Clinton in The Special Relationship, the HBO Films production about Tony Blair and Bill Clinton’s, you know, special relationship. Moore has attributed the pullout to scheduling conflicts, but we’ve got to wonder: Did a certain well-connected secretary of State, not pleased with casting choices, pull some strings? [THR]

Scammed: Living Colour, the funk-rock act behind the popular eighties single “Cult of Personality,” will return this September with The Chair in the Doorway, their first album of new material in six years. According to front man Corey Glover, “Everyone sees the video and thinks we’re a band from the eighties or we broke up or we’re not together.” They also see the video and think, “Goddamn, those yellow pants are sweet.” [Billboard]

Will Smith to Destroy Manhattan Again