Acting Raccoon Hailed by Times

After rising above featured-player status with breakout roles in Hamlet and Twelfth Night, Shakespeare in the Park’s famed acting raccoon (along with two supporting raccoons) scores a rave review from Ben Brantley in today’s Times for his part in the Public’s otherwise-panned The Bacchae:

“I saw a wonderful raccoon at the Delacorte Theater the other night… It appeared, as serene and silent as a rising moon, at the far edge of the open-air stage… Its face a shining-eyed mask, this creature froze for just a second to scrutinize the audience from the spotlight before being followed in unhurried procession into the darkness by two other raccoons… I suppose I shouldn’t admit that I kept thinking about those raccoons all through the 90 minutes of JoAnne Akalaitis’s interpretation of The Bacchae… But, you see, those animals had everything that this show lacks: mystery, grace, charisma and (though they didn’t bare them) teeth.”

If this little guy can learn not to poop indoors, we think Broadway might be next.

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Acting Raccoon Hailed by Times