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Brad Pitt Is a Fighter, Not a Lover

“I just like kicking ass period. Didn’t have to be Nazi; I can beat any ass. Any ass I like kicking. I just kick it. The role made me a little tougher. I now walk with a little more swagger.” —Brad Pitt, tough guy [Contact Music]

“I love doing family films. They give you so much permission to play. Of gosh [sic], that’s fun. Of course, I adore drama, but on a purely selfish level, nothing compares to the joy that fills my heart when I sing and dance. Everyone I know says, ‘Oh Amy, you should just go and do a musical and be done with it.’ I absolutely love acting, but my characters aren’t usually bursting into song from joy. They’re usually feeling and crying their way.” —Amy Adams [Contact Music]

“I keep saying it, but the bare feet, the first image (of the episode) is the story of the season in a way.” —Matthew Weiner on Don Draper’s grubby feet [What’s Alan Watching?]

“When you think about it, he really doesn’t get that far. It’s a kiss and a handshake, and then the [fire alarm] goes off. It’s building for years in him, and this is where it is finally able to happen. Anybody’s first time with anything sexual — is it ever like you planned it or is it ever perfect? No.” —Bryan Batt on Sal’s interrupted interlude with the bellhop on Mad Men [TV Guide]

“I was always afraid of Disneyland because there was an urban legend that they used to steal the kids and shave their heads. They’d take them out of the parks, and then the park would shut down in an emergency to try to find the bald child. I never wanted to be that child.” —Kristen Stewart, vampire lover, is afraid of Disneyland [Contact Music]

“Every time before I go on stage, or go out where I know there will be a lot of photographers, I take a skipping rope and spend about ten minutes, fully clothed, skipping. I look like Rocky. This way I can ensure that everything is firmly in place and I won’t have a wardrobe malfunction. Don’t want those boulders doing a show of their own.” —Katy Perry on her pre-public-appearance routine [Female First]

Brad Pitt Is a Fighter, Not a Lover