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See What 30 Local Artists Stuffed Into ‘Dime Bags’

Longtime curators and local artists Jordin Isip and Rodger Stevens know a lot of other local artists — they recruited 300 of them (many with day jobs: graphic designers, illustrators, lighting designers, etc.) for Dime Bag 3, closing at Giant Robot in the East Village on August 12. For this show, Isip and Stevens sent each artist a three-by-three-inch Ziploc-style bag — a version of the titular dime bag, that disposable drug container discarded on sidewalks everywhere — and told them to create a work that would fit in it. On the serious end are sticks of wire shaped into beautiful objects by Rodger Stevens, and embroidered “domestic specimens” by Laura Normandin. More playfully, buzzy illustrator Andy Kehoe, who recently completed a sold-out show at Jonathan LeVine gallery, created an anthropomorphized acorn, and creative director Ian Adelman revived Michael Jackson in Lego. Here are 30 slides of the best works.

Aya Kakeda, 2009
C.K. Wilde, 2009
Karen Barbour, 2009
Justin White, 2009
Andy Kehoe, 2009
Laura Normandin, 2009
Ray Fenwick, 2009
Rich Jacobs, 2009
Georganne Deen, 2009
Andrew Degraff, 2009
Angela Boatwright, 2009
Stanley Ruiz, 2009
Rob Leecock, 2009
Chad Dziewior, 2009
Melinda Beck, 2009
Chris Buzelli, 2009
James Gallagher, 2009
Ian Adelman, 2009
Geoff Rockwell, 2009
William Buzzell, 2009
David Weeks, 2009
Carl Dunn, 2009
Gregory Benton, 2009
Charlie Becker, 2009
Matt Haber, 2009
Rodger Stevens, 2009
Katie Turner, 2009
Georgie Stout, 2009
Adam Wallacavage, 2009
Cassie Ramone, 2009
See What 30 Local Artists Stuffed Into ‘Dime Bags’