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Don Draper Nearly Sired Dawson Leery

“I came in the Dawson’s Creek era; it was all about tiny guys who looked like teenagers, and I haven’t looked like a teenager ever. So I was, like, auditioning to be their dads. At 25.” —Jon Hamm [Elle]

“Sometimes he tries to make me laugh. He actually played a lot of pranks on the set this season. There’s one scene where Hank, Karen and Becca are driving up in the Porsche and right before I said my line, [Duchovny] used an application on his iPhone called iFart that made an awful farting noise. He used it quite a lot this season.” —Californication’s Madeleine Martin on working with David Duchovny [PopMatters]

“I was on the outside; I was like a sore thumb. I didn’t have any friends who were actors at all; I never did. I was always on the outside. It was difficult being in London in this very strange acting community. All that, ‘Theatre darling’ — I just found it insufferable. It was fucking boring. So I moved to America and did what I’d wanted to do my whole life — make movies.” —Anthony Hopkins [Contact Music]

I don’t do it for the money, it’s for the love of the music and the protection of it. It’s like, come on, wake up! This is a call to arms. If I didn’t care I would make a record with Auto-Tune and keep going until one day we wake up and no one’s listening to rap, like what happened with rock music. When everybody let the hair bands run crazy, rock went through that terrible period. Kurt Cobain was the anti-hair band.” —Jay-Z on saving rap from the fate of rock [Guardian UK]

“I was sitting on the couch next to Rob and he was telling me, ‘I didn’t know what to wear. I didn’t have anything clean, so my friend wore this shirt last night and did a performance.’ So his buddy did a whole performance in this shirt and Rob found it on the floor and thought it was the cleanest shirt he had, so he wore it to the awards.” —Catherine Hardwicke dishes on Robert Pattinson [PopMatters]

Don Draper Nearly Sired Dawson Leery