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Hugh Jackman’s Wife to Face Stiff Competition

“I’m going to go out on a limb right now and say I think [Wolverine 2] will be the sexiest [X-Men movie yet]. There’s some female companionship — and not just one — for Wolverine. … My wife might have an issue with it, but I think the fans will like it.” —Hugh Jackman [Splash Page/MTV]

“If I was on American Idol, if I was Adam Lambert, for example, and I was walking through a mall in suburban Minnesota, there would be riot. But I can do that and be totally fine.” —Jon Hamm [Watcher/Chicago Tribune]

“Oh, my God, it was a nightmare. It was really exhausting — legs dancing under the table and all the tensing-up of the body. By the end of the day, I felt like I’d run a marathon. No one wants to orgasm 35 times a day.” —Katherine Heigl [Showbiz Spy]

“Any time I had to sing, I felt very precious about it. I knew I was keeping this secret. When singing a capella in the jail cell in Natural Born Killers, I was very nervous because I was letting the bird out of the cage. Strange Days reminded me, ‘You better get to it. You’re ignoring something.’” —Juliette Lewis [VF]

“Janis Joplin. I don’t know [why]. In Beastly, there’s a Halloween party, and it’s kind of a high school Halloween party. All the girls are dressed up as sluts, and my character comes in as Janis Joplin. I would not stop listening to her music [after that], and I think she’s so incredible. I know I don’t look much like her, but you can always hope, right?” —Vanessa Hudgens wants to play Janis Joplin [MTV]

Hugh Jackman’s Wife to Face Stiff Competition