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Jason Schwartzman Will Use Any Excuse to Gaze Deeply Into George Clooney’s Eyes

“If there was a scene in the movie where George Clooney and I [as foxes] were running and then digging, Wes would say, ‘Action!’ and then George and I would run down a hill, say our lines — and we’d dig! There are also some emotional scenes where George and I are having intimate, heart-to-heart conversations. Those were all shot with he and I in a bedroom, staring into each other’s eyes.” —The Fantastic Mr. Fox’s Jason Schwartzman [MTV]

“I don’t think we’re big enough for the Garden. I think we could play somebody’s garden, but not Madison Square Garden. So in September, we’ll come play your garden. Like, at your house. Cool?” —Arctic Monkeys bassist Nick O’Malley [MTV]

“I love being in New York — but this time of year, with the mugginess? You’re in this city that’s visually exciting, but it smells like the devil’s diaper. I know that’s a really shallow thing to make you negative toward a city that you love, but, fuck, does it smell bad … Put some lavender oils in the sewer or something.” —Patton Oswalt [A/V Club]

“Well, I think I have the authority to approach God directly, I don’t have to go through any religion [or] train of thought. I can approach God directly myself, and so I wrote a book called The Gospel of Hip Hop to free [you] from all this nonsense garbage right now. [I] respect the Christianity, the Islam, the Judaism, but their time is up.” —KRS-One [AllHipHop]

“I have a list of 47 rules for how to survive in a world of zombies … The list is comically boring. Like, Ziploc bags, carry a suitcase with wheels on the bottom instead of a duffel bag so that you can run faster while being chased by a zombie. You want to limber up, to make sure you’ve stretched; do a lot of cardio. Always know your way out; don’t be a hero.” —Zombieland’s Jesse Eisenberg [MTV]

“Right now, it’s Lil Wayne, #1. He’s hot. He’s got everything. He sings the right tunes. I’m seriously listening to all his songs right now. Really sitting down, listening to his lyrics, and he’s got his lyrics [down] pat now. He’s got his lyrics. He’s smooth. He’s a lyricist. Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, I don’t care who comes third. These guys have the whole place on edge, man. It’s hot.” —Usain Bolt, gold medalist and aspiring music critic [MTV]

Jason Schwartzman Will Use Any Excuse to Gaze Deeply Into George Clooney’s Eyes