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Hope Davis Is Hillary Clinton

“We did, of course, want to get as close visually as we could. I’m wearing some wigs and some teeth. The pantsuits have been made exactly to spec. There are some bright pantsuits.” —Hope Davis, on playing Hillary Clinton in The Special Relationship [ArtsBeat/NYT]

“I think bromance is passé. We are two men who happen to be roommates who wrestle a lot!” —Robert Downey Jr., on the exact nature of the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Watson [MTV]

“They’ll start to talk to me in a more careful tone or be really wary of me. They’ll want to coddle me or they see me in the street and they’ll want to hug me and rub my back and tell me everything will be OK. But it’s cool, I like hugging.” —Gabourey Sidibe on playing an abused teen in Precious [MTV]

“I have had Jimmy Iovine … come up to me on every record from With Teeth onwards saying I should do some sort of urban thing — it was Timbaland for a while, then it was Pharrell for a while — because ‘that’s how you sell records.’ What he’s talking about is making your record sound like what’s on the radio, whether it’s appropriate or not. And that’s what Chris [Cornell] did. I think that when somebody who is respected like he is goes that route, it sends the message that it’s OK to give up any kind of core values you had to be the fashion of the moment.” —Trent Reznor still has words for Chris Cornell [Eye Weekly]

“I’m regretting that move. Knowing that this is the opportunity where you have [millions of] people watching, I treated it as a do-or-die moment. So, did I inject “How I Got Over” with steroids? Absolutely. I got overexcited. That performance was the equivalent of losing your virginity on prom night. The actual single sounds closer to Steely Dan’s “Do It Again.” —?uestlove on debuting the Roots’ new single on Jimmy Fallon [WSJ]

“I’d been working on a relatively conventional, literary novel for a year and a half. My brother Austin sent me the manuscript of his book … It was about superheroes and all this totally awesome shit that he and I were into when we were kids. That’s when I suddenly realized, “What the fuck am I doing? I’m writing some kind of sensitive, conventional, The Corrections-esque novel about the way we live now. I should be writing about magic or robots or some shit. Why don’t I try doing the awesome shit?” —Lev Grossman on his novel, The Magicians [AV Club]

Hope Davis Is Hillary Clinton