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Pics: Julia Roberts Shooting Eat, Pray, Love

Camera in hand, we followed Julia Roberts around the East Village yesterday as she shot scenes for Eat, Pray, Love, in which she plays a divorcée seeking meaning in … the edible, the spiritual, and the amorous. Roberts filmed scenes in the vegan joint Caravan of Dreams, then headed to Tompkins Square Park in the late afternoon to shoot with James Franco, her onscreen love interest, whom we also captured.

Striding with an even, glamorous gait. Could no one carry that bag for her?
She continues east on 6th Street to film inside Caravan of Dreams, paparazzi calling out her name.
Roberts emerges.
Julia waltzes west on 6th Street.
Continuing on past a psychic, movie posters, etc.
Wearing her Roman-style sandals.
Playing it coy next to his onscreen love interest, over a decade his senior.
Julia waits to film this scene once again.
Pics: Julia Roberts Shooting Eat, Pray, Love