See Julia Roberts Shoot Eat, Pray, Love in the East Village
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See Julia Roberts Shoot Eat, Pray, Love in the East Village

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Leaving Her Trailer

Photo: Ross Urken
Striding with an even, glamorous gait. Could no one carry that bag for her?
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Julia, Julia, Give Us a Wave

Photo: Ross Urken
She continues east on 6th Street to film inside Caravan of Dreams, paparazzi calling out her name.
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Fifteen Minutes Later

Photo: Ross Urken
Roberts emerges.
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Checking Out the Gawkers

Photo: Ross Urken
Julia waltzes west on 6th Street.
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Among the Crew Members

Photo: Mario Marques
Continuing on past a psychic, movie posters, etc.
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Arms Crossed

Photo: Ross Urken
Wearing her Roman-style sandals.
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Finally, James Franco

Photo: Mario Marques
Playing it coy next to his onscreen love interest, over a decade his senior.
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Yet Another Take

Photo: Mario Marques
Julia waits to film this scene once again.


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