Victory: Jeremy Piven Cleared in Sushigate, Plots Broadway Comeback

An arbiter found today that sushi victim Jeremy Piven did not violate his contract last year when he was forced to quit Broadway’s Speed-the-Plow owing to his near-terminal case of mercury poisoning. The good news follows a split decision by an Actors’ Equity Association panel in February, resulting in no punishment for Piven, after which Plow producers filed for arbitration. But now he can finally forget about this terrible episode and better focus on his recovery. Well, after people stop laughing about the interview he gave to the Times upon learning the verdict.

In a phoner with ArtsBeat a couple of hours ago, theater actor Piven said this hilarious thing:

“I’m just a theater actor who got sick, and was physically incapable of finishing my run. And now I can put this behind me and move on. And I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I had a real health scare, and now I can climb back on the stage and know that I’m strong and able to complete the mission. It’s a great day.”

Yes, “climb back on that stage” and “complete the mission.” We hear David Mamet’s new play is a little like Speed-the-Plow. Perhaps there’s a part in it for a thermometer.

Arbitrator Rules in Favor of Jeremy Piven in ‘Speed-the-Plow’ Dispute [ArtsBeat/NYT]

Victory: Jeremy Piven Cleared in Sushigate, Plots Broadway Comeback