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Week in Review: Waiting for Mad Men

It’s almost upon us! Some 52 hours or so from now, we’ll finally be able to share with you all of our thoughts on the Mad Men premiere that we’ve been keeping bottled up for the last few excruciating weeks! We’ll have our recap up and ready for you to check out shortly after the conclusion of Sunday night’s season-three premiere, so be sure and check back here after the show. However, until then you should spend your time watching Jon “For Reals” Hamm’s interviews, analyzing the cinematography of the show, and finding out more about how the show dabbles in product placement.

Taylor Lautner and his restless legs had themselves a great week. Except, that is, when some creepy old lady wanted him to sign her panties.

• Critic-beef watch! Roger Ebert thinks Armond White is a troll.

• Sadly, the Spider-Man musical went the way of Uncle Ben.

• We wondered if Greg Grunberg will be returning to Lost next season.

• Is Paramore the best girl-fronted rock band in all the land?

• King Kong ain’t got shit on McLovin!

• David Mamet is sort of a strange choice to pen an Anne Frank biopic, n’est-ce pas?

• We can’t wait to hear Bob Dylan’s take on “Frosty the Snowman.”

• Jackman’s going to Japan!

• We saw the criticproof G.I. Joe and discovered there were actually a few sorta fun moments in the movie, even though it’s exactly like Team America.

• Jackman’s going to Japan!

• Yoko Ono famously broke up the Beatles, and she almost did the same to the team who put together Beatles: Rock Band

• Got some spare dimebags lying around? Turn them into art!

• David Mamet is sort of a strange choice to pen an Anne Frank biopic, n’est-ce pas?

• Bill Hader cracked us up.

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus not only got a trailer but also a U.S. distributor!

• Lots of memories about the late John Hughes came flooding in, from the likes of Molly Ringwald and the real Ferris Bueller.

Week in Review: Waiting for Mad Men