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Week in Review: Inglourious Men and Mad Basterds

We only have one question for you: “Are you ready to ready to see some Basterds fuck up some Nazis?” Quentin Tarantino’s latest looks like it’s going to be a hit at the box office this weekend. German critics loved it, probably because they can tell the difference between Traci Lords and Sarah Chalke. But will it be as good as Battle Royale or, gasp, the original? Guess we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out!

So, what else happened this week?

• We had been waiting for what felt like eons to see some footage, any footage, from Avatar. And when we finally did, well, we — along with the rest of the Internet — were a little disappointed. Oh well, at least it looks better than the video game!

• Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island got pushed back to February, where it will compete against The Wolfman.

• R. Kelly yodeled, orgasmically.

• Snoop Dogg came correct about falling asleep during Watchmen.

• Diane Birch knocked our socks off and Stephan Jenkins made his triumphant return to the pop charts.

• Britney Spears took off her clothes before reading a top-ten list on Letterman. Meanwhile, Jay Leno ran some poor schmuck over.

• Our DVR finally got some action, as the third season of Mad Men finally debuted (with record ratings, to boot!). AMC, Bryan Batt, and Harry Crane had done a good job of keeping this season under wraps, until an iTunes glitch on Tuesday caused us to see a whole bunch of spoilers. Maybe if they made more money from product placement, they wouldn’t have these issues!

• VH1 found themselves in a heap of trouble (and with a big hole in their schedule) when one of their reality-show contestants was accused of murder.

• America decided we don’t need movie stars anymore!

• Emmy nominee and “Smartest Person on Television” Seth MacFarlane took potshots at The Office and Jeremy Piven’s hairline.

• ABC News reporter Dan Harris opened his mouth and, in a move that showed incredible flexibility, immediately inserted his foot!

• Will a hunky Taylor Lautner be able to replace the dreamy Robert Pattinson? Summit Entertainment sure thinks so!

• The cast of West Side Story called in sick!

Week in Review: Inglourious Men and Mad Basterds