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Week in Review: Over the Rainbow

Before Tropical Storm Danny makes landfall and drowns everyone, we look back on another sleepy August week and hope some real news blows this way soon.

Mad Men got a new Bobby and a new Peggy.

• Quentin Tarantino freed the slaves.

• Stephan Jenkins told us how it’s gonna be.

• Quentin Tarantino freed the slaves.

• Larry David paid homage to Airplane.

• Hitler was not amused by the Avatar trailer.

• The Melrose Place remake will be more popular than Dallas.

Inglourious Basterds saved the Weinsteins, the economy, and the summer.

• New York may be in for a stormy weekend, but at least we avoided Justin Timberlake’s new movie.

• Bob Dylan sleighed us.

• Critics took the week off.

• Goats were stared at.

• And Ghostface took us somewhere over the rainbow.

• Jay-Z’s leaks did not amuse us.

West Side Story lost a few Spanish lyrics, but gained Katy Perry and Russell Brand.

• Michael Myers ate it eight times.

• Jeremy Piven was exonerated.

Week in Review: Over the Rainbow