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Willie Nelson’s Pot-Resistant Lungs the Envy of Gold Medalists Everywhere

“My health is as good as it’s ever been. My lungs are in good shape — and there are lots of people all over the world wondering how that could be, like Michael Phelps.” —Willie Nelson stays high [LAT]

“We showed two new scenes [at Comic-Con], and each one focused on abdominal muscles. One scene was the one in which Jacob is teaching Bella how to ride a motorcycle. She falls, he comes to rescue her and dab her forehead — thereby revealing his bodacious abs and chest.” —New Moon director Chris Weitz [MTV]

“One really exciting thing we did a couple of weeks ago, we had been working on recording with some Tibetan monks for about a year, and we finally got them in the studio and recorded their voices chanting. We did some chanting with them. … They were in [my] house, chanting and recording.” —30 Seconds to Mars’s Jared Leto [MTV]

“We’re much more casual music listeners than we used to be. Kurt Vile, I think that’s kind of a good example. When CDs came out, we got a CD player, and against all odds it worked for, like, 20 years, and it just broke recently. So we had to replace it, and we found out that it’s really hard to get a single CD player. Now we have the six-CD changer, which we don’t even want, so the Kurt Vile CD, we’ve basically been too lazy to take it out.” —Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan [NYT]

This is a real party; it’s not one of those fake video parties. A lot of the scenes are back and forth, boys versus girls. [It’s] a girl-empowerment song. Letting the girls do their thing and have fun and just boogie and not have us be all over them. But we still chase after some booty, you know?” —Asher Roth on the surely mind-blowing video for “She Don’t Want a Man” [MTV]

“My dad used to do stuff like threaten to jump off the top of the refrigerator into an open jar of mayonnaise while he had a crash helmet on. The whole neighborhood would be in our kitchen, and then my dad would climb on top of the fridge, and there would always be some kind of snafu, like it’s the wrong brand of mayonnaise: “Oh, is that Hellmann’s? I can’t do it with Hellmann’s.” —Bobcat Goldthwait [AV Club]

Willie Nelson’s Pot-Resistant Lungs the Envy of Gold Medalists Everywhere