Yo La Tengo Pretty Into This YouTube Thing

Judging by Yo La Tengo’s summer push for September 8’s quite terrific Popular Songs, the beloved, aging indie trio is the new art-school collective: The latest of four videos the group has introduced since July is for “Nothing to Hide,” the album’s fuzz-pop number, and like the earlier ones, it looks as though some clever kids made it in an afternoon. The band Times New Viking takes Yo La Tengo’s place in what’s supposed to be an in-store performance, and while it’s certainly meta and cute (with a rather funny, self-deprecating guitar-solo sequence somewhere around the minute-and-a-half mark), it’s none of the awful things “meta” and “cute” tend to encompass. The other three videos, which you’ll also find after the jump, are more abstract — psychedelic, if you want to pick up what the music’s putting down — but feel very much of a piece with “Nothing to Hide.” Consider this a little thesis show.

“Nothing to Hide”:

“Avalon or Someone Very Similar” (think: high as a kite):

“Periodically Double or Triple” (think: food flight of fancy):

“Here to Fall” (two tickets to the air show):

New Yo La Tengo Video (Feat. Times New Viking) - “Nothing To Hide”
New Yo La Tengo Video - “Avalon Or Someone Very Similar” (Stereogum Premiere) [Stereogum]

Yo La Tengo Pretty Into This YouTube Thing