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Amy Poehler Will Not Rule Out Peeing in Public

“I want to go on the record and say I have never urinated in public. But the night is still young.” —Amy Poehler [E! Online]

“I like to visit Hollywood, but I wouldn’t like to settle there. I like movement, I like surprise. I don’t think about my work in terms of a ‘career.’ I have the ambition to try to do very good movies and try to work with great directors, and I try to do my best. My intention is much more for doing something worthwhile than about the glory. I feel myself as being more of an artisan than as an actress.” —Audrey Tautou [NYDN]

“I think it’s possible that I might have some kind of adrenaline disorder, because I’m obsessed with roller coasters and I go to Six Flags all the time. I travel around the country and ride coasters, and I catalog them on my computer. It’s this weird secondary hobby I have. I feel it’s interesting that I’m into shock cinema and also these machines that turn you upside down. It’s like I constantly want to feel like I’m in danger.” —Diablo Cody [Suicide Girls]

“I like my big nose. How about that? Take that, nose jobs! My pinkie toes are foul, foul. They look like cashews.” —Julia Louis-Dreyfus [E! Online]

“Sometimes late at night i realize this planet doesnt belong to me. i also dont belong to it. i wish i had recycled it more and me less. Can’t fall asleep. No ‘bodyguards/nannies’ in sight. Mission possible. We need to start an insomnia club. Nobody that does uppers need apply.” —Pete Wentz twitters about his next project [Contact Music]

“You can’t embarrass Joss Whedon, he’s got no pride. He fully admits it. ‘Oh, it’s me. I’m little and goofy.’ You can’t wound his pride. He’s too self-deprecating.” —Nathan Fillion [Pop Candy/USAT]

Amy Poehler Will Not Rule Out Peeing in Public