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David Cronenberg to Make The Fly Again

Fly Back: David Cronenberg is in talks with Fox to do a reboot of his 1986 man-turns-into-a-fly classic, The Fly, which starred Jeff Goldblum as a wacky scientist transformed into the titular insect following a botched teleportation. Hollywood Reporter notes that this would give him a chance to improve on his first Fly’s special effects, plus we’ve always totally wanted to see the vomiting parts in 3-D. [Risky Biz Blog/HR]

Tucci Makes Friends: Stanley Tucci has signed on for the musical feature Burlesque. The cast currently includes Christina Aguilera as a small-town girl making a name for herself at a neo-burlesque club on Sunset Boulevard, and Cher as a former dancer and Aguilera’s mentor. Tucci will play the manager of the club and Cher’s BFF. Finally! The Aguilera-Cher-Tucci team-up we’ve all been clamoring for. [Variety]

Goat Boy Rises: Jim Breuer has gotten a script order from NBC for a multi-camera sitcom loosely based on his real life post-SNL. Apparently, for eight years or so, Breuer had been raising his three daughters and taking care of his elderly parents at the same time. He’s recently had a mini-comeback, with a Comedy Central special, a stand-up tour documentary, and a book deal for a memoir. Hey, if this is going to be a whole wave of late-nineties SNL people coming back, can Norm MacDonald get a new sitcom next? [Variety]

Cold Thrills: Sam Raimi will produce the horror flick Refuge, which will be directed by newcomer Corin Hardy, a Brit who has helmed music videos for Prodigy and Keane. The plot revolves around a remote town terrorized by a Yeti. Which, you have to admit, has both not been done much (ever?) before and could be really scary. Vulture approves. [HR]

Garden Variety: Chris Wedge (Ice Age) will direct Leaf Men, an animated adaptation of William Joyce’s children book, The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs. The plot revolves around the titular bugs, who, while battling an evil spider queen for control of their garden, call on the Leaf Men for rescue. The development history is checkered, as Wedge — currently set up at Fox Animation — almost took the project to Pixar. They should be careful — everyone knows that hell hath no fury like an elite animation studio scorned. [Variety]

Silver Medal: Former Colbert Report executive producer and writer (as well as a writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Late Night With Conan O’Brien) Alison Silverman has a blind script deal with Lorne Michaels’s Broadway Video for a new pilot. Apparently Silverman landed the deal right after she stepped down from Colbert earlier this month, although Colbert Report conspiracy theorists are surely looking into any potential talent poaching as we speak. [Variety]

Three for Three: Three actors have joined the cast of The Next Three Days, the Paul Haggis–directed, Russell Crowe– and Elizabeth Banks–starring thriller about a wife imprisoned for a murder she claims she didn’t commit: 8-year-old Ty Simpkins will play the couple’s son, Brian Dennehy will play Crowe’s character’s father, and RZA will be doing something unspecified. Not getting murdered, we hope. [HR]

David Cronenberg to Make The Fly Again