DC Comics Gets New Name, New President, Fancy Press Release

Following Marvel’s sale to Disney last week, which will better facilitate the imminent development of movie franchises based on all 5,000 comic-book properties under Marvel’s ownership, DC Comics and parent company Warner Bros., too, have done something to better exploit their own character library! Says a press release!

This afternoon, WB announced the restructuring and rebranding of DC Comics as DC Entertainment Inc., a new company to be staffed by the same people (for now), though current president and publisher Paul Levitz will be replaced by Warner Premiere’s Diane Nelson, who will report directly to WB prez Jeff Robinov (instead of just being allowed to whimsically green-light and kill movies without asking anyone, we guess). The move, which Nikki Finke says has been quietly planned for over two years, will give Robinov better oversight over DC and limit the number of costly outside producers on projects (like Joel Silver, who, says Finke, won’t get to make his long-in-development Wonder Woman movie after all — hooray!).

What does any of this actually mean in the long term? Your guess is as good as ours, but we’re totally buying stock in capes.

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DC Comics Gets New Name, New President, Fancy Press Release