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Jason Bateman Is Slowly Turning Into Howie Mandel

“Forty’s OK, it’s a little bit different. I mean, I feel young and I look young, but I’m becoming very afraid of my mortality because I’m pretty much halfway to death. If I live to 90, then yeah, I’m pretty much halfway to death. I’ve become more aware of germs … I have no choice but to walk on these footprints in my socks and they absorb my perspiration and this guy’s perspiration and I can’t walk around it (footprints) because it’s such a small, narrow area. I can’t do it anymore. I smell the thousands of people who had gone before me. I made the mistake of looking down on the floor and seeing the condensation footsteps.” —Jason Bateman seems to have developed a slight case of OCD after turning 40 [Female First]

“My mom wasn’t too sure about me being an actor at first. She said, ‘Okay, but if you haven’t had the break after a few years, you have to be able to pull out.’ I couldn’t call her in five years’ time and say, ‘Could you pay my rent?’ Three months before I got The Office, I was on the phone to her, saying I was thinking of getting out because my friends were doing well and I was going nowhere. She said, ‘Never base it on your friends. Give it another shot.’” —John Krasinski [Contact Music]

“I have decided that ‘nice’ can ruin a movie. A nice theme about something nice with people being nice towards one another is just fucking boring. But why is ‘nice’ so unattractive within the world of film? Because there’s no conflict, and movies thrive on conflict and contrast. I must add that I’ve only been sitting on this theory for two hours.” —Guy Ritchie has been thinking for two hours about contemporary film [Female First]

“With me and Jay, you gonna have to get down or lay down anyway. There’s other rules to this game that you gonna have to abide by. At the end of the day, we understand. We understand the importance of telling the truth. If you’re just getting into the game, you’re probably telling a lie anyway because you’re telling somebody else’s game. If we still here, we’re still here because we’re telling the truth. Number two, we have relationships, and number three, we still know how to make hit records. That’s what this thing is about. You could be five years old, 70 years old — you make a hit record, it’s gonna stand the test of time. It’s something the game has to get used to.” —Diddy gets down to the basics of the game [MTV]

“Expect an edgier, almost angrier Rihanna on this one. Rihanna says some things on this album that you’ve never heard her say before.” —Ne-Yo on Rihanna’s next album [E! Online]

“I’m not supposed to say anything but I’m going to work on as many songs as possible with her. I’m going to lighten her up. I don’t want an angry Rihanna.” —Akon on Rihanna’s next album [E! Online]

Jason Bateman Is Slowly Turning Into Howie Mandel