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Get the Look: Harry Crane

“First, we start with water in a bottle. Then at least a palm full of gel. If we just used gel, it would look sort of dull, but they want it to look like the hair is wet. So we finish it with a very thick layer of something called Aerogel. It’s like hairspray and gel mixed into one — that stuff is like Super Glue, basically. It never moves, but it has a shine to it, so it looks wet. Our hair people, in general, for the boys, they do it once at the beginning of the day. We get touch-ups before each shot, and they really don’t have to touch up the hair after it’s been initially set. It’s pretty powerful stuff.” —Rich Sommers on the role of gel in Mad Men [Pop Candy/USAT]

“I don’t feel I should pay someone a quarter of a million [to produce me]. Timbaland’s not cheap. That’s a lot [of money]. —Dizzee Rascal [Contact Music]

“Every now and then on a tour you’ll see in amongst the crowd … and you’ll see people, maybe 25 or 30. You can see that they’re a younger element and how they would even know about us, I don’t know, because, you know, radio is not too rock and roll friendly anymore … There seems to be a kind of ageism thing and we’re not considered ‘hip’ or ‘in’ and so I don’t know how those young folks could ever possibly want to even come.” —Sir Cliff Richard [Contact Music]

“I am a mother, but I need to do what I’m good at doing. Even your kids need you to be who you are. I’ve been living at home for a long time. If I don’t leave soon, I’m going to literally choke my career to death.” —Uma Thurman [Female First]

“I had to train quite a bit. I had stripper bruises. I was quite banged up. Stripping is not easy, I will tell you. I have huge respect for people who do pole dancing. Stripping is incredibly empowering.” —Eva Amurri on being a guest-stripper on the next season of Californication [HuffPo]

Get the Look: Harry Crane