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It’s Never Too Late for Will.I.Am to Be Bad at Another Thing

“I always loved the game of American football. I’m sad that I never followed my football dreams. Lately I’ve been thinking, is it too late to do it now? No way.” —Will.I.Am blogging about his field dreams [E! Online]

“Jon deconstructs the news in a really brilliant comedic style. I take the sausage backwards, and I restuff the sausage. We deconstruct, but then we don’t show anybody our deconstruction. We reconstruct—we falsely construct the hypocrisy. And I embody the bullshit until hopefully you can smell it.” — Stephen Colbert on the difference between Jon Stewart and him [Rolling Stone]

“I remember being in a meeting where it came this close to Beetlejuice being called House Ghosts. I was like, ‘Oh, man, straight to video.’” —Tim Burton [MTV]

“It scares me a little. When I go to meetings for other projects, the people I meet with only seem interested in the convergence of Edward Cullen and I. It’s like, ‘If the role interests you and you can bring the public from Twilight, you’ve got it’. They’d let me play a woman I think.” —Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen [Showbiz Spy]

“My friends and I were really obsessed with that movie and — because we were annoying and ridiculous when we were in seventh grade — we would just write quotes from the movie on notes and pass them back and forth in class and laugh hysterically every time we opened the note and passed it back.”—Megan Fox’s favorite movie is Office Space [MTV]

“I love being on the West Coast for the show, I like being near the ocean and I want to learn to surf. I’m fully transforming into the California babe, but I still don’t drive. I ride my bike. It’s becoming less socially acceptable for me not to have a driver’s licence. The drop-end cut-off is 30. If I’m not driving by then I have to start lying about it.”—Anna Paquin [Contact Music]

It’s Never Too Late for Will.I.Am to Be Bad at Another Thing