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Jamie Foxx’s Teeth Commence Oscar Campaign

“Look at these things. They look like a piano. If I am dressed as a homeless person and then you see these teeth, it would be ridiculous. I had them chiseled down and they looked a little crooked. It worked, and it gave more authenticity to being homeless.” —Jamie Foxx on his preparation for The Soloist [Sydney Morning Herald]

“My issue with cologne is that it makes you smell unlike yourself. Sometimes to be funky, you gotta smell funky.” —Justin Timberlake [Out]

“I think it’s kind of an exciting time. I mean, everyone is cutting back. It’s happening in every industry — including our own. All of a sudden people are doing jobs that they hate and they’re not making as much money as they thought they would, or they’ve lost their jobs entirely.” —Natalie Portman [Showbiz Spy]

“That guy, he’s just, like, 40 years in the future.” —The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Nick Zinner on TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek [The Age]

“Go to some rep theaters in L.A. on a weeknight, like I do all the time. Go to the New Beverly, and you’ll see some people for whom movies have completely replaced their lives. It’s no longer a supplement to their existence; it is their existence. It’s very, very sad, those autograph hounds, those guys with the weird, tattered copies of the Leonard Maltin movie guide, checking off what they’ve seen and haven’t seen — that’s really fucked up.” —Patton Oswalt on the big fans in the world [Suicide Girls]

“It’s a camera that monitors my facial movements and tracks them so they could upload it into the alien layer. Yeah, it was pretty absurd.” —Seth Rogen on his role in Paul [MTV]

Jamie Foxx’s Teeth Commence Oscar Campaign