No One Killed in Trial Run of Jay Leno’s Racetrack

On Wednesday, a pair of writers from finagled their way into a dress rehearsal for NBC’s The Jay Leno Show (it premieres Monday) and they’ve posted a review. The verdict? “There’s not enough innovation … more imitation comedy gruel.” Which should come as excellent news for fans of Jay’s gruel-based Tonight Show, to which the Leno Show sounds predictably identical, save for the few differences you already know about (there’s no desk, the new stage is large enough to accommodate cars, and the show will most often close with a comedy bit instead of a musical guest). But what about the part of the show that we’re most excited for — Jay’s deadly “green” racetrack, on which beloved celebrities will (presumably) meet their ends in massive, fiery explosions?

Guest Selma Blair was the test case at Wednesday’s dress rehearsal, and she apparently survived:

“The Ford-sponsored concept of a ‘green’ race track was really funny, only because Jay didn’t seem into it at all! It was essentially a long Ford commercial — sounds hilarious, right? Not so much. Selma Blair changed and was put in an Electric Ford Focus, which couldn’t look less like a race car … Selma had two minutes to go around the track twice. She made it in 58 seconds … that felt like an hour.”

Since we like Selma Blair, we’ll let it slide. We guess. Sneaks Into A Taping Of Jay Leno’s New Show (Which Is A Lot Like His Old Show) []

No One Killed in Trial Run of Jay Leno’s Racetrack