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Jay-Z Reports Back From Weirdest-Ever Coldplay Concert

“Chris [Martin] hasn’t tried to get me to do yoga yet, but I am close to doing it. I am envious of what he can do on stage. Watching him is amazing. He can really move. I want to able to move like that, get my leg behind my ear, things like that.” —Jay-Z [Spinner]

“I’m very flattered by it actually, I have been working out more because I’ve got a gym in my house. I think I’m exactly the same weight but I’ve probably turned a bit of flab to muscle. I’ve lost about an inch, I’m still a 36-inch waist so I’m hardly Posh Spice.” —Ricky Gervais on people noticing his weight loss [Showbiz Spy]

“Full blown gay, no problem.” —Metallica’s Lars Ulrich on whether he’d play a gay man in a movie [Spin]

“It’s like self-flagellation, so why would I bother? And I didn’t want to piss on anyone’s grave. It was hard to watch my first scene in which I turn up in this funny little hat.” —Robert Pattinson on watching his own movies [Showbiz Spy]

“Yeah, I’m squeamish about gore, not in this movie because I feel like we went in, not a cartoonish direction, but we didn’t try to make it gut-wrenching, frightening, disgusting to watch. In slasher movies, yeah, I can’t stand to watch the blood and the guts. This [Jennifer’s Body] isn’t really a horror film. This is a dark comedy that has some horror elements to it. So that’s why.” —Megan Fox is a scaredy-cat [Female First]

“I’m professionally dumb. I can make money from it.” —Stephen Colbert [Uberblog/E! Online]

Jay-Z Reports Back From Weirdest-Ever Coldplay Concert