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Kathy Griffin Charmed by Ben Silverman

“It is appalling to this day the stuff that I encounter. I remember I had a meeting with Ben Silverman at NBC two years ago about my role in the company and the future of the show, and he said, ‘Kathy, we’re gonna find a role for you that fits you as tight as those jeans.’ Now, you know that no one says that to Matthew Perry.” —Kathy Griffin [Time]

“And I’ve had a couple of movie ideas; one is where a religious cult thinks that Beavis is the messiah and there are all of these people hanging on to his every word. And writing it all down. And it would start out with him being Cornholio. There are a bunch of ideas. Another one is where the government promises them 72 virgins to go on a suicide mission, but Beavis just keeps trying to kill himself. He keeps trying to kill himself on the way to the airport.” —Mike Judge on the Beavis and Butthead sequels that will probably never get made, sadly [Slashfilm]

“There are so many Keith Moon stories out there, thousands! Once, he left his tape recorder in the hotel room next door to him. So he starts putting a huge hole in the wall. The manager comes into the room and is like ‘What is that?’ So Keith replies, ‘Rats. Big rats, and I’m not paying my hotel bill until you get rid of the big rats’. The manager, obviously not being taken for a fool replies, ‘Well that will actually cost you £16,000.’ Keith says, ‘So I’ve pretty much paid for the whole room then, right? So lets just trash the whole lot!’ The manager then helps him trash the whole room.” —Alice Cooper [Female First]

“‘No’, [is what] we would have said. ‘We’ll take those three but probably lose the drummer.’ Ringo, I’m afraid, we would have said is ‘bad news’.” —Simon Cowell would have rejected Ringo Starr from American Idol [Contact Music]

“Well, there’s a particular scene where we rip this guy apart, and I just sit there smiling and really enjoying it. When I got the script, I was like, ‘That’s the one I want to do the most,’ because there’s nothing to say. It’s really sordid, gross and really grim — that was pretty fun.” — Jamie Campbell-Bower on tearing a guy to shreds in New Moon [MTV]

Kathy Griffin Charmed by Ben Silverman