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Keanu Reeves Remembers Patrick Swayze, Defiant Skydiver

“There was some skydiving sequences in this film we did together, and as filming was going on, it came to be that Patrick was jumping out of airplanes all the time. I think he had over 30 jumps during the course of filming, and so the production served him with a cease-and-desist, which he listened to until they got to Hawaii.” —Keanu Reeves remembers Point Break co-star Patrick Swayze [E! Online]

“I’ll be honest, it is a little weird. But that’s because I’d seen his penis long before the movie came out, when I actually had a hangover. But that’s a whole other story I’d rather not get into. On our first day of production, there was that moment when I looked at him and paused for a second and thought, Hmm. I know exactly what that man’s penis looks like. And then you kind of move on with your day. You just have to put it out of your head. —Joel McHale on seeing his Community co-star Ken Jeong [VF]

“I like the rumpus. I love the all the devious expressions on the faces of Max and the wild things when they’re swinging in the trees. Reminds me of when I’m up to no good, looking for trouble with a posse — a night out on the town.” —Karen O on her favorite scene in Where the Wild Things Are [Paste]

“My temper is ridiculously bad. I’ve had to say to Brian, ‘You have to go and stop talking to me, because I’m going to kill you. I’m going to stab you with something, please leave.’ I’d never own a gun for that reason. I wouldn’t shoot to kill. But I would shoot him in the leg, for sure.” —Megan Fox on her real-life temper [Showbiz Spy]

“Particularly on the Lights in the Sky tour, which is very production-heavy, the unintended consequence was that the show was pretty much the same every night. It became like being in a play. It was like, ‘Okay, an hour and 52 minutes from now, I’m going to be …,’ and I found after doing that for months and months, it was pretty hard to stay in the present. I’d be up onstage thinking, I should’ve ordered the chicken sandwich. And I hate that feeling. I couldn’t concentrate enough to get myself back — I was a robot that goes through the show. —Trent Reznor hates thinking about sandwiches onstage [AV Club]

Keanu Reeves Remembers Patrick Swayze, Defiant Skydiver