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Ricky Gervais and Philip Seymour Hoffman Make a Deal

“I didn’t know Philip Seymour Hoffman, but I sent him an email saying, ‘Dear Philip, please do my new film. There’s no money as I spent the entire budget on testicular implants. But don’t think of them as my testicles, think of them as our testicles.’ He loved it, and it worked.” Ricky Gervais [Telegraph UK]

“We’re capable of understanding totality. But most of us don’t understand women. And they don’t understand us. It’s kind of an interesting thing. They are mysterious, and they are extremely beautiful. You could take photographs of women till the cows come home, and you’ll always find something new.” —David Lynch on why his female characters are so mysterious [Vice]

“I wondered, ‘Would being stoned look way better on the film than acting stoned?’” —Edward Norton on Leaves of Grass [MTV]

“We didn’t know what to expect. The way that the vocal arrangements are coming out, the band sounds good. It’s kind of like going to your own funeral. It’s great!” —Billie Joe Armstrong on seeing the stage-musical version of American Idiot [MTV]

“I’m on my way to go do a hike now and then I’m gonna hit the gym. I’ve been keeping up with the karate classes. Actually, I was supposed to be getting my brown belt in Kempo karate, but I keep missing the test because I’ve been publicizing the show. I’ve had this green belt with a brown strip for so long and I can’t wait until it’s all brown.” —Christian Slater [Parade]

Ricky Gervais and Philip Seymour Hoffman Make a Deal