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Week In Review: Sayonara, Summer

Boy, that sure went fast, didn’t it? One moment we’re counting down the Song of the Summer — which, btw, went to Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” — and the next we’re starting to preview the 2010 Oscars. It’s enough to make you dizzy, isn’t it? Good thing we have a long weekend to get prepped for the onset of fall! Speaking of which, we’re taking off for the rest of the day and won’t see your pretty faces until Tuesday morning. In the meantime, though, let’s review what we learned this week.

• Don’t ever call Russell Crowe fat.

• We now know what the secret, final song in The Beatles: Rock Band is. (Spoiler Alert: It’s “The End.”)

• Jeremy Piven is lucky to be alive, people.

The Hangover guys are almost out of crappy, pre-Hangover movies.

• Hipsters think that Brooklyn is the new Manhattan.

• Thomas Haden Church won’t be running for president of the Norm MacDonald fan club anytime soon.

The Cove worked! (Maybe!)

• MTV Networks needs to take a serious look at their reality slate.

• The people who run Marvel have 4 billion reasons to be happy this weekend.

• Jeremy Piven is lucky to be alive, people.

• Now you can take Hugh Jackman home with you (albeit, in sandwich form).

• Glenn Beck got on Jerry Saltz’s last nerve.

A.O. Scott and Michael Philips look like they’ll do a competent job of getting At the Movies back on track, but they’re no Beavis & Butthead.

• With the hires of Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad, Lorne Michaels is making a concerted effort to balance out the male-female ratio on SNL.

The Blueprint 3 is much better than we thought it was going to be.

• Kurt Cobain was a closet Bon Jovi fan.

Eric can fly!

• That Vincent Kartheiser screams out “Fuck life in the ass” before filming his scenes as Pete Campbell on Mad Men. Oh yeah, and Mad Men is coming back for a fourth season, despite the fact that Matthew Weiner knows next to nothing about cymbals.

And with that, we’re Audi 5000. Have a lovely Labor Day weekend!

Week In Review: Sayonara, Summer