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Alec Baldwin Saves Julie Andrews’s Career

“Julie, you’ve got three choices: you could follow Robert Pattinson into the men’s room, you could rush the stage at a Taylor Swift concert and tell her how great Henry Mancini is, or in order to publicize the Blu-Ray release of Sound of Music you could release one of your own grandchildren into a balloon in the air.” —Alec Baldwin’s advice to Julie Andrews [Dish Rag/LAT]

“I was in a hotel in Anaheim about five years ago, and after checking in I literally went down to the front desk and said, ‘I don’t understand, there’s no pay-per-view porn!’ I called my producer and said, ‘I can’t take this, I’m checking out’. And I went to the hotel across the road. I think it should be in the bill of rights — when you’re traveling, access to pornography should be the number three thing on the list after clean towels and 24-hour room service.” —Steven Soderbergh [Times UK]

“it’s worth seeing.” —President Obama on Where the Wild Things Are [WP via EW]

“My character is fun and sexy but not a stripper. There is no nudity, and there are no pasties and G-strings. It’s very artistic burlesque. Burlesque is a tease. It’s not meant to really give that much away because that wouldn’t be considered a tease. It would be considered giving away the goods.” —Kristen Bell on the upcoming Burlesque [Marc Malkin/E!]

“It takes a while to understand George because he’s a motormouth — he really can talk, so you’ve got to kind of wade through a lot of it.” —Bill Murray on George Clooney [Showbiz Spy]

“I didn’t decide I’m going to be an actress because I want to be respected for how I play chess. I don’t think men approach me for intellectual conversation. I’m definitely labelled in the pin-up category and I haven’t given people a reason to take my work seriously yet.” —Megan Fox [Telegraph UK]

Alec Baldwin Saves Julie Andrews’s Career