Billy Corgan Will Have None of Your H1N1 Brain Control Juice

Blogger Billy Corgan has taken to his website to give you his opinion on the swine flu vaccine. Summary: He doesn’t like it. Not only is Corgan skeptical of the origins of the flu, which he thinks was cooked up in a lab, but he questions President Obama’s motivation for declaring it a national emergency.

“Our American President Obama has declared a national emergency about this virus, which he in his own words said was, at this point, a preventative measure. So, why declare an emergency if there isn’t one? … I am more focused on the vibration that has us all so fearful: both for how the fear affects our thinking, and how, in our fear, we attract the worst, and, in conjunction with that, how those fears are used by others without integrity to try to create a power against Us to promote discomfort and dis-ease.”

Does Corgan think the vaccination is some kind of brain control serum that will be used by Obama for evil? Sounds like it. But it’s not like this would be his most outlandish conspiracy theory. The man blamed Eddie Vedder for the collapse of the Cubs after all! This rat could use some time out of the cage.

Health and A Well-Being [Everything From Here to There via Rolling Stone]

Billy Corgan Will Have None of Your H1N1 Brain Control Juice