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How Long Can Dollhouse Survive?

Everyone surprised (including us) by Dollhouse’s miraculous renewal for a second season in May surely knows better than to blindly buy into math-based speculation about its imminent cancellation. Still, though, how long can it possibly last with its current basement-scraping ratings? According to the scientists at TV by the Numbers, maybe not long! They’ve given all major networks’ currently airing shows a “Renew/Cancel” score by dividing shows’ average ratings among 18–49-year-olds by their respective network’s average ratings among 18–49-year-olds. Anything scoring less than a 0.90, they say, is likely to be offed before its current season’s finale — and Dollhouse got a 0.31 (this is bad, even for its Friday-night time slot). Which other shows may not be long for this world?

According to TV by the Numbers, these are the probable goners:

’Til Death (Renew/Cancel score: 0.26)
Dollhouse (0.31)
Brothers (0.31)

Hank (0.68)
Castle (0.73)
The Forgotten (0.74)

Three Rivers (0.63)
Cold Case (0.72)

Law & Order (0.44)
Parks and Recreation (0.70)

Melrose Place (0.80)

Dollhouse’s Low Ratings Just Might Matter [TV by the Numbers]

How Long Can Dollhouse Survive?