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Jamie Foxx Driving Children to Drink, Too

“I got a lot of flack for that because the kids started singing the song. I would go to my daughter’s school and [the] parents go, ‘How dare you have my child bringing flasks of Hennessy to the school?’ They were upset with me. So my manager’s daughter came up with the idea to change the song a little bit so the kids would have something to sing.”—Jamie Foxx on tweaking the lyrics to “Blame It” to be about juice instead of alcohol, for the kids [Leno, Contact Music]

“You keep seeing the same people. They’ve got to stop showing Stephen Fry. He’s on all the time, and then he’s in the commercials beseeching you to buy tea.”—Maggie Smith on why she won’t do TV [Times UK]

“She sent off my photos to the producers of the Potter films when I was 10, thinking I might be an extra. A year later I was asked to read for Dudley. When I got the part, I thought: ‘Ooh, I’m in a film’, not that I was cast as fat and ugly.’”—Harry Melling on being cast as Dudley Dursley [Telegraph UK]

“My music is going to get better because I am happier.”—Madonna [Showbiz Spy]

“You always feel like somebody’s going to show up and go, ‘Okay put that thing down, what the fuck are you doing here and who let you in here?’ I really feel like any moment I’m going to be caught out and I’ll have to go and get a real job. I’ve always felt that way.”—Matt Damon [Showbiz Spy]

Jamie Foxx Driving Children to Drink, Too