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Jessica Biel to Have Lots of Sex

Love and Marriage: Jessica Biel has signed on to star in and produce Fucking Engaged, which is, as you may have guessed, a raunchy comedy. She’ll play one half of a couple that makes a pact to get busy every day until their wedding. They’ll continue doin’ it after their wedding, just not with each other. [HR]

Romancing Keanu: Here’s a romantic comedy cast we never thought we’d see: Keanu Reeves, James Caan, and Vera Farmiga, in Henry’s Crime. Reeves will play a man falsely accused of a Buffalo bank robbery and Farmiga will play his love interest. It’s disconcerting to see Keanu play a character forced to navigate the snow-covered streets of Buffalo. This man was born to surf. Someone get him a wave! [Variety]

Law and Order More Crime Shows: NBC is giving Idris Elba, the British actor who studied economics on The Wire and hated Jim on The Office, his own show! The as-yet-untitled drama will focus on a vigilante lawyer fighting against a corrupt city government. And as tough as that sounds, it won’t compare to working with Dwight Schrute. [HR]

Sicko: Oliver Platt will join Laura Linney in Showtime’s pilot for the dark comedy The C Word. Linney plays an upbeat housewife diagnosed with cancer while Platt will be her endearing man-child of a husband. With this show, Showtime will be 8 percent of the way toward its goal of making a show with each letter of the alphabet. [HR]

Re-Up Chuck: NBC has ordered six more episodes of Chuck (to go along with the thirteen it ordered previously) from Warner Bros. It was previously thought that Chuck and company would return in March, but now it looks like they’ll be back fighting evil in January, right next to Heroes. Then Lost returns in February and you’ll never leave home again. [HR]

Jessica Biel to Have Lots of Sex