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Matthew Weiner Has You Pretty Much Figured Out

“I’m maybe more forgiving than the audience is, because they love the feeling of saying sometimes, ‘Oh, this is so disgusting, so disgusting. [But if] he’d knock my door right now I’d fuck him for an hour.’” —Matthew Weiner on viewers’ love-hate relationship with Don Draper [Pop Candy/USAT]

“Louis C.K. does the best stand-up in America. I discovered him on YouTube and immediately cast him in The Invention of Lying. He’s honest and brave, he’s audacious, but he’s fucking bald, so I win. I’ve got hair.” Ricky Gervais [NYM]

“I’m very aware of the ways things go. It would have been nice to have a steady career and go up and up. And if you look at it that way, yeah I am just going to keep on going down and that’s kind of sad but the truth is it is fine; I have been very successful. I know I will never reach that kind of craziness again, thank God.” —Norah Jones [Female First]

“If guys don’t want me to write songs about them, they shouldn’t do bad things! And if they’re afraid, going into the relationship, that they’re going to end up having a bad song written about them … Well, then they don’t have the best of intentions, do they? It’s a nice weeding-out process.” —Taylor Swift [Showbiz Spy]

“The internet is disastrous if you’re a writer. When you’re trying to write, absolutely anything is more interesting than writing. I have to lock myself in an Airstream trailer with no internet access to get anything done, otherwise I end up obsessively reserving vacations which I am never going to go on, ordering Hello Kitty backpacks, or Googling myself, getting paranoid and having to eat a giant lump of cheese or start putting make-up on. I do, though, have the habit of writing my thoughts down at the end of whatever I’m working on, which is not a good idea. I once accidentally included them in a letter to my accountant.” —Helen Fielding [LemonDrop]

Matthew Weiner Has You Pretty Much Figured Out