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Michael Sheen Meets His Second-Favorite Beatle

“I’d want to play Lennon, but I probably would be cast as McCartney. I met Paul McCartney on a flight not long ago. I was sitting there going, ‘I can’t go over there.’ And then he came over to me. He said, ‘You’re famous, aren’t you? I’ve seen you on the TV.’ And I thought, ‘Yeah, I’ve seen you on the TV a few times as well.’” —Michael Sheen [Female First]

“It was a happy set. I was only there for, what, three days or something. But that’s when you arrive on the set in Melbourne, and you see 150 people and this whole sort of mini-factory creating animatronic owls, you know? And people building mountains and everything. I saw them building them, and that’s when you actually feel ridiculous for having written some of this stuff. Because you just think, ‘Yeah, there’s a couple talking owls, and blah blah blah.’ And then these highly specialized craftsmen have to spend months of their lives to do it.” —Dave Eggers on Where The Wild Things Are [AV Club]

“It is Fever Pitch, seriously. And I didn’t realise that until I’d written a few drafts. But then I could see that was one of the things that hooked me, the story of a suburban kid that looks at a world apparently more exotic and wants a piece of it. It’s the story of the Rolling Stones, the Band, Jerry Wexler. It is a very important story in America and in England.” —Nick Hornby on his screenplay for An Education being just another one of his novels [Telegraph UK]

“I’ve talked to Simon. He misses me, and I know it. I talk to him a lot — he says he loves me and that is really disturbing to me.” —Paula Abdul is getting creeped out [Fox via Showbiz Spy]

“I had my girlfriends paint my body with fluorescent hearts and flowers. I wore a pair of shorts and a midriff top, and I just went mad. … I’m sure everyone thought I was insane. That was the beginning of my provocative performances, I guess.” —Madonna on her seventh grade performance of the Who’s “Baba O’Riley” [Rolling Stone]

“I write about my life experiences. My first boyfriend knows that I have written a song about him. I don’t think his girlfriend is too much of a fan. But there you go! I like the song.” —Taylor Swift [Showbiz Spy]

Michael Sheen Meets His Second-Favorite Beatle