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Microsoft Executives See Family Guy, Get Nervous

After determining that Fox’s Family Guy special, Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show, was just too much like Family Guy, Microsoft has decided to drop its exclusive sponsorship of the show. Earlier this month Microsoft, execs struck a deal to keep commercials out of the special in favor of promotions for Windows 7. But then they made the mistake of watching it.

“We initially chose to participate in the Seth and Alex variety show based on the audience composition and creative humor of ‘Family Guy,’ but after reviewing an early version of the variety show it became clear that the content was not a fit with the Windows brand.”

So, what scared Microsoft away? According to Variety, it was deaf jokes, Holocaust jokes, vagina jokes, and incest jokes. Or, exactly what they signed up for.

Microsoft decides not to collaborate with ‘Family Guy’ creator [LAT]

Microsoft Executives See Family Guy, Get Nervous